1 Month Update

Carmen is already 6 weeks old. It’s crazy how fast the first month went by and I’m already wishing for my baby to slow down. After her appointment 2 weeks ago I wrote all of her updates and wanted to share them with you all. At that time she was 9 lbs and ll oz so she had gained 2 lbs since birth. Still fitting newborn clothes and we recently started buying size 1 diapers. I am exclusively breastfeeding and everything is going well. She nurses every 2 hours almost like clock work. At here first appointment her Dr. mentioned that she has a tongue- tie but thankfully it has not interfered with her nursing.


Being swaddled, snuggles, and in the Rock N Play are the top 3 things to make baby girl happy.  Unfortunately we all caught a cold Carmen included  so her sleeping was not the best being that she just couldn’t get comfortable. She has since gotten better and just a little happy baby.

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