Carmen’s 4 Month Update

Carmen turned 4 months over the weekend. Christian looked at her pictures and was just amazed at the fact that she’s growing up so fast.




Weight: Carmen had her 4 month check up and she currently weighs 13 lbs 4 oz and she’s 25 inches

Eating/ Feeding: 4 months in and I’m still exclusively breastfeeding! Sill nursing anywhere from 6-8 times daily. Carmen has started using the Comotomo bottles. I love breastfeeding but it’s nice that she will now take a bottle.  She has ALSO started taking the pacifier again.


Sizes: Carmen is still wearing size 0-3 months in clothes and in size 1 in diapers.

Milestones: Carmen is so eager to start sitting up like a big girl. We plan to purchase a Bumbo seat really soon. Loves tummy time, chewing on her hand/toys , and playing with her small activity book. I really want to believe that she has started teething the way shes been chewing on thing lately. She is starting to grab at things out in front of her. She has started this thing where she like to have a blanket. (My boys do the same thing) We did get her ears pierced about 2 weeks ago. She is starting to roll over on her side.


This is her exact reaction when she sees her toys.

Sleeping: Carmen has a great sleeping schedule still. We’re soon going to let her take naps in the crib.



Do you all prefer monthly updates or bimonthly updates ? Be sure to let me know down in the comments. Until next time!

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