What I Packed in my Diaper Bag: 1st Flight Edition

I have always been a last minute packer when traveling. We recently took our first flight with all three kids and I prayed that our trip went as smoothly as possible. With the upcoming holiday travel I thought I’d share what I pack in our diaper bag. Two days before our trip I decided to pack our diaper so I could make sure I had everything. We used our spacious diaper bag from Vogshow.


Having two still in diapers I made sure to have 6 diapers per child. Brand new pack of wipes along with my changing pad. As we all know accidents do happen so I packed a change of clothes for all three children. I put a change of clothes in a gallon sized plastic bag for my 2 youngest. Although Christian is fully potty tried and 4 years old we still packed a change of clothes for him in our carry on.



So I went to dollar tree and bought a crazy amount of junk food. No it’s not the healthiest BUT no one wants a fussy kid on the plane. I brought an empty sippy cup and got apple juice for Carter once we were on the plane. The baby food pouches did pass through security, I made sure to place them  in their own bin when doing through TSA. Starburst were great for the boys to eat while taking off and landing to prevent their ears from popping.



Give me all the electronics!!! The day before I did go onto the boys tablet and downloaded some of their favorite shows on Netflix. We made sure to bring them both a pair of headphones and they were fully charged the night before. If you don’t have a battery pack I highly recommend getting one because they are a life saver. I did plan to vlog so I did bring my tripod. Tablets can be fun but the boys can get tired of them so I also picked up some coloring books.

That’s it! I hope that this helps you all on your trip for the up coming holidays. Be sure to look out for my tips on traveling with kids blog. Until next time!


16 thoughts on “What I Packed in my Diaper Bag: 1st Flight Edition

  1. momelite2 says:

    I couldn’t imagine flying with little ones. My daughter was 3 and potty trained the first time I flew with her and it was still overwhelming.


  2. Adriane Thompson says:

    How did it go??!! Looks like some great options. We try to limit electronics and barely use them but on the plane, anything that holds attention is a winner! We are preparing to fly 4 hours with three kiddos here soon. Thanks for the tips. We are finally out of diapers, but I love that diaper bag!


  3. Clarice says:

    This is a brilliant way to pack. I can see that you got everything covered and it’s amazing since you mentioned you’re a last-minute packer. I guess that how “experts” roll it. Good job, Mama. Thank you for sharing this.


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