Christmas Tree Shop With Us

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This is the second year that we went to a local tree farm to get our tree. Christian talked about getting a tree week so on a Friday once Chris got off of work we loaded up and we were on our way. The boys were so excited and just so happy trying to figure out which one was the biggest. After searching for all of 5 minutes we found the one that was right for us.


Once we were ready the guy helping us carried the tree so it could be wrapped and Christian was right there “helping.” The tree was then wrapped and place on top of the van and then it was time to go home for the fun part to begin. The kids were all over the place they couldn’t control the excitement at this point. I let them be kids and enjoy themselves. After it was all over we took our famous family photo and a you can see Chris was exhausted. 

For the rest of the house I went really simple. I added stockings for the kids and placed a beautiful frosted wreath from that we were gifted from The King of Christmas.  Which do you prefer a real tree or a fake? Do you deck the house all the way out or simple but nice? 


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Shop With Us

  1. Kim Amy says:

    I grew up with real trees, but only have had fakes in my adult home. My son has allergies and asthma but is growing out of it, hopefully a real tree is in our future!


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