Our 1st Christmas Eve Box

‘Twas the night before Christmas….

Growing up I would always get to pick one gift under the tree to open on Christmas Eve. Now that I have my own little family I’m able to create new holiday traditions. Along with baking on Christmas Eve I have so many fun and creative activities for the kids. I decide to put together a cute box for us to open as a family on Christmas Eve. Let’s jump right into the box.


This year I wanted to have a hot chocolate bar. For the hot chocolate I was able to find packets that had mini peppermint marshmallows. You can’t have hot chocolate without jumbo marshmallows. I don’t know about you but I love adding Hershey kiss and peppermint. Dollar Tree for the win with the coffee cups and Target dollar section for Santa’s cookies.

The kids have these super cute matching Pajamas from Target. I found the boys matching Santa Clause socks from Targets dollar section. I wasn’t able to find any socks small enough to fit Carmen.  Also in Targets dollar section I found these holiday themed puzzles.

I think the boys will be so excited once they get to get inside. I’m telling you the amount of activities and baking I have planned I hope we get to fit it all in one day. What family traditions do you all have for the holiday? Have you ever created a Christmas Eve box?

8 thoughts on “Our 1st Christmas Eve Box

  1. Flossie says:

    No, we’ve never had a Christmas Eve box, but I think it sounds like a neat tradition! After church on Christmas eve, we all come home, get into our PJs, and hang our stockings (including photos of the hanging) – even the grownups!


  2. noteworthymommy says:

    I have never created a Christmas Eve box but our Christmas Eve traditions include going to church together and singing Silent Night with the congregation by candlelight and reading Santa Mouse. We celebrate Saint Nicholas Night in December 5 and this year we began the Angel on Assignment Tradition.


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