Here’s to 2019

To 2019…At the beginning of 2019 I was thankful but so over being pregnant. I was in the home stretch of my third pregnancy and I was just ready to meet my baby boy or baby girl. We decided to go the pregnancy not know the sex. On January 11th at 8:43am I had given birth to our princess. I’m glad I went to the hospital when we did because she arrived 3 hours after getting to the hospital. I was proud of myself because I had her natural and that’s something I had look forward to my whole pregnancy.

I went full force in the social media world. I grew my community to 7k amazing followers. The launch of my blog Ciarashonta. I was so hesitant but I just went for it. Attended my first social event which was MommyCon in Charlotte NC. Put my camera to use and had my first maternity and newborn photo shoot.

This year as a family we took many trips. We flew with all three kids being Carter and Carmen’s first flight. Our first trip of the summer was to North Myrtle Beach SC and the kids had a blast. We also got to visit the Wizard of Oz Park in Maryland. Just to name a few

Chris and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. Christian got accepted into the Pre-K program and soon after Carter started daycare.

2019 was amazing. Thank you for all the support. I’m definitely looking forward to much growth and success in 2020.

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