Helping My Little One Sleep


***This blog post is sponsored by Little Ones and I received product however all opinions are strictly my own.

How do we function as parents with such lack of sleep? We are Awesome. With my boys, their sleep patterns weren’t bad at all. I thought it would have been the same with Carmen. A back story on Carmen’s sleeping – we transitioned her into her own room when she was 5 months old. At that time, she was exclusively breastfed and would wake up once throughout the night for a feeding. Once transitioning to formula at 10 months, she would sleep completely through the night. We had almost made it to the finish line, so I thought, but two months before her 1st birthday everything changed.

We were recently introduced to Little Ones Baby Sleep program. Little Ones is an online program that believes sleep doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to achieve as well as a gentle method to improve your little one’s sleep. The information that they give is straight to the point and it covers many topics from sleep regression, self- settling, to the sleeping environment. I love that this program just doesn’t focus on one solution when coming up with a formula to help your little ones get a better rest. When I think of sleep I think of a great night’s rest, but Little Ones touch on nap times, feedings, as well as sleeping at night.


  Although Carmen hasn’t experienced a sleep regression, the holidays completely threw her sleep schedule off. We all get a little cranky with the lack of sleep, and boy oh boy was Carmen cranky. Little Ones as taught me a lot and by implementing all that I’ve learned we are getting back to our routine. The older Carmen got I noticed that she didn’t care for me to settle her, and rather put herself to bed. I feel like in my reading I understand that some babies like to soothe themselves. As a family of 5 the cold and flu season hit us hard. This program was here to help me understand that when she had a fever she’d sleep longer and it’s important to let her sleep.

We all need good sleep for us to have a great day. I honestly didn’t think that we’d get it together but thanks to this program we are getting somewhere. Thinking about trying the program out click here and use the code CIARA to get 15% off. Be sure to reach out and let me know how it goes.


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