Little Folks Classic Tour Plus Stroller by Delta Children Review


* This post is sponsored by Delta Children but all opinions are my own.*

As a mom to three kiddos I’m always searching to make my life easier. Raising two 18 months apart I have been using a double stroller for a while now and if you know anything about double strollers then you know they are far from light weight or compact. Thankfully the older Carter has gotten the more he likes to walk instead for being in the stroller. This opportunity with Delta Children was in perfect timing because we were beginning the search for a single stroller.


The Little Folks Classic Tour Plus was quick to assemble and is very compact. My favorite feature is that it’s a 3-in-1 stroller bassinet, upright sitting, and allows your little one to face you or see what the world has to offer. Rides so smoothly and very lightweight. I’am able to collapse the stroller with one hand and fits perfectly in the trunk.  The stroller holds up to 50 lbs and has a 5- point safety harness. Be sure to check out my recent video on my YouTube channel assembling the stroller.

Who else is looking for the warmer weather to take nice long family walks?!?

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