Family Time Baking With My Make Studio Kit

The summer has just began and we’ve already crossed baking off of our bucket list. With Chris’s busy work schedule it’s not always that easy to do things as family. I have made it a priority that once a week we will do an activity together that does’t involve electronics. Thank you to My Make Studio Kit for gifting us two cake kits. This kit came with everything that we needed to make these amazing vanilla cup cakes.

Our box included

1.Cake mix

2. Colored Icing

3. Sprinkles

4. Cupcake liners

I was able to go directly to the website and get all the directions to make our cupcakes. Once mixing the water and oil well enough we allowed all of the kids a turn mixing. Once the cake batter was ready we the added the into the baking pan and placed them into the oven. Once we ate dinner the cup cakes had cooled and it was time to decorate. This kids enjoyed this part the most but I made sure they didn’t go to crazy with the sugar. This was a simple yet fun was to open time as a family. We had the vanilla cake and they were absolutely delicious.

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