Fun Things to do in Wilmington North Carolina

In the month of February we celebrate Chris and Christians birthday. This year we decided we wanted to take a trip not to far but outside of Burlington. One morning I woke up and said “hey let’s go to Wilmington.” I Never thought that we could have such a great time during the off season. Wilmington is roughly 3 hours away from Burlington. We arrived Friday night so there wasn’t much exploring.

Our stay was hosted at the Homewood Suites which was a huge accomplish of mine. Being hosted at a hotel was a goal of mine for the year of 2020. The hotel was family friendly there was more than enough room for our family of 5. Our hotel was close to Wrightsville Beach and so many other attractions that Wilmington has to offer.

Although is was pretty chilly we did still check out the beach. The boys love looking for seashells and Carmen thought it was a great idea to eat sand. Our last day we took a housedrawn tour through historic streets of Wilmington. It was so amazing to see houses still standing that were built many years ago.

A trip is never complete until you try at least one new restaurant.I really wanted to try sea food but that didn’t happen. Instead we tried The Cast Iron Kitchen which was very delicious. We all love a sweet treat so we found a super cool donut shop Wake and Bake. Our trip was short but we truly enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to visiting again

8 thoughts on “Fun Things to do in Wilmington North Carolina

  1. ashley says:

    Looks like y’all had a great time. Ive never been to Wilmington but would love to visit. I’m a foodie so I would definitely look up all the good eateries and bakeries, lol.


  2. Alyssa says:

    Oooh I definitely miss traveling again so hopefully this pandemic will end sooner rather than later. I love the photos that you captured! Would love to visit Wilmington someday.


  3. tracistreet says:

    What a fun little getaway! I’m a NC native and Wilmington is one of my absolute favorite places! So glad you enjoyed your stay! 🙂


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