My Experience Breastfeeding As A Third Time Mom

As a third time I knew I wanted nothing more than to exclusively breastfeed for the first 12 months. With Carmen my milk came in 2 days postpartum and the pumping sessions began. She had a great latch but wouldn’t stay awake longer before she would fall fast asleep. With that being said believe it or not I was pumping 3.5 oz of milk each session. I was okay with the idea of freezing milk to start a small freezer stash. I’ve always fed my kids on demand never really put them onto a schedule. Just my preference and it’s what worked best for us. After about a week I no longer needed to pump because Carmen began to eat more frequently and my supply quickly adjusted to her needs. Carmens first check up at three days old her doctor notices she had a small tongue tie but wasn’t concerned begin that she had such a great latch.

I’ve always tried to introduce the bottle a little early. It’s helped my older two transition a lot easier to the bottle. In the beginning Carmen would have a few bottle feedings with expressed milk and everything went smoothly. I said I look forward to exclusively breastfeeding BUT the breast may not always be available. Fast forward I had tried going out without Carmen and had to cut outings short because she’d be so hungry but wanted nothing but the breast. So be careful what you wish for ladies lol.

For the next 9 months my life was on a super tight schedule because Carmen had no interest of anything els but being on my boob. We tried so many cup, different nipples, and nothing seemed to work. Once I received my first cycle I knew that my breastfeeding journey would soon be ending. At this point I being trying to transition to formula with no luck. Again she had nothing to do with the bottle. The mom guilt at this point was through the roof. I had a hungry baby with no supply. The struggle was REAL the days were long and there were so many tears I had finally gotten Carmen on to the bottle and on to formula.

My number on piece of advice is to listen to your baby and most importantly your body. You are doing an amazing job and you are doing great on your journey where ever you are.

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