I Failed At Potty Training

As a third time mom I thought I had potty training in the bag but boy was I wrong. A little backstory I had Christian who is my old is fully potty trained before his second birthday so I knew that it would be the same with Carter. When Carter was eight months old I found out that I was expecting my third child and I just knew it would be hard with two in diapers. I feel like at that moment I made a selfish decision which was to get Carter out of diapers ASAP. Fast forward to now in a month Carter will be three and he is still not potty trained.

I’ve learned that our children are not the same and they do things on their own timing. With Carter I’ve tried rewards, potty charts, and the three day potty training method. Potty training is a lot of work and can become very frustrating very quick. I’ve questioned several times as to why he just cant get it or is it something that i’m not doing right. April was our second time giving potty training a try we did have good days but ultimately there was no success. Here we are again giving potty training a try hoping that we get it this time.

2 thoughts on “I Failed At Potty Training

  1. Sierra says:

    You got this!!! Kids be doing it when they’re good and ready! And even after their “trained” we have years of accidents and bed wetting. He’ll get it though. I remember this stage with my daughter I was ready to come to terms with her spending her life in diapers … even now at four she’s trained but she holds her pee till she has to really really go… lol always something


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